Our spa offers an array of traditional and unique massage therapies to soothe your tired and jet-lagged body. Our therapies range from reflexology, European and deep tissue massages. You can expect fully trained and experienced massage therapist to relax, rejuvenate and repair tired muscles. With Dubai, being a bustling city with visitors entering and exiting every minute, we want to provide therapy and relaxation after your long journey.

Therapist.ae allows you to book a massage around your own schedule in the comfort of your own home.

If you've had a tiring, long week but can't get a booking in a spa on a short notice or just don't want to travel out to a spa, we send a qualified therapist to you. You'll also be helping the best massage therapist in UAE earn extra income.

A typical spa which earns 350 aed will only give around 50 aed to its staff – so we remove the spa from the equation, flip it around and give our skilled massage therapists the money they deserve to make a better life for themselves.

Therapists.ae connects you with available therapists in the UAE who are available to massage on the same day, we have selected only the best massage therapists.